Guide to C of Q



 The Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) is awarded to trades people who have completed their apprenticeship and passed the Ministry C of Q exam.  Once a Painter or Glazier has completed the requirements, they become eligible to challenge the exam and once they pass, they become a certified Journeyperson.  The requirements to challenge the exam vary by trade but involve:

1) Attaining a certain number of hours worked in the trade,

AND either of the following

2) Attaining a Certificate of Apprenticeship (awarded for completing all three levels of in-school block training and required work hours),


2 alternate) Submitting a Training Equivalency Assessment (TEA) and having it approved by the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT)



1. Complete the required work hours in your trade:

2.  Attend school when invited, until you complete all levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.  This will award you your “Certificate of Apprenticeship”


2a.  If you did not attend school, but feel you have completed the equivalent in work experience, you can apply for a Training Equivalency Assessment, which will eliminate the requirement for a “Certificate of Apprenticeship” if your application is approved. 

3. Once you have both your required work hours, and your Certificate of Apprenticeship or your Approved TEA, you can apply to challenge the Ministry Certificate of Qualification Exam through OCOT. (link here)

Additional Assistance for the C of Q Exam:


Review the Trade Practice Exams for the Red Seal Trades:

  • Painter Decorator (Commercial/Residential) (link)
  • Architectural Glass and Metal Technician Red Seal Practice Test (link)

Complete Training Courses on the Learning Management System: (link) 

Contact the Training Centre near you to put your name on the wait list for the next C of Q prep Training (if available)

*Note* Once you have passed your C of Q, make sure to provide proof to your local and the FTI to have your test fee reimbursed.