A glazier is a tradesperson who installs, repairs, and maintains glass windows, doors, and other structures. They measure, cut, fit, install, and replace glass in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, focusing on exterior walls and structures, such as skylights, as well as on furniture and products like mirrors and glass partitions.

Glaziers typically work for construction glass installation contractors, repair and glass fabrication shops, and interior design and architectural firms.

The following is a list of personal requirements and skills typically expected of a successful glazier apprentice:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Manual dexterity
  • Physical strength, coordination, agility, and balance
  • Ability to work independently and with a team
  • Knowledge of basic math
  • Comfortable working at heights

Major Responsibilities of a Glazier Apprentice

As a glazier apprentice, your responsibilities can include:

  • Gathering and installing prefabricated glass, mirrors or glass products on walls, ceilings or exteriors of building
  • Measuring, marking, cutting, and tinting glass
  • Fabricating metal frames for glass installation
  • Preparing and installing skylights, aquariums, and stained glass in churches, museums, and other buildings
  • Replacing broken glass or defective sealant
  • Formulating cost estimates
  • Reading and understanding blueprints

Working Conditions of a Glazier

A glazier normally works indoors and outdoors, both independently and with a team of other construction professionals. At times, the job can be physically demanding, requiring you to work at heights and with heavy materials.

One guaranteed benefit of working as a glazier is that there is always a regular need for repair throughout the year. Glaziers normally work about 40 hours per week, experiencing peak periods that require overtime work.

You will also be required to go through safety training, as is required with most construction jobs.

The Glazier Pre-Apprenticeship Program at FTI Ontario

FTI Ontario’s Glazier Pre-Apprenticeship Program prepares individuals to enter the construction industry as an Architectural Glass and Metal Technician 424A – a Red Seal Trade. Workers in this field can expect to be in high demand by many construction glass contractors or go on to start their own independent business.

The Glazier Pre-Apprenticeship Program includes hands-on and classroom training, required safety certifications, as well as tools and protective equipment.

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