Are you considering your next steps after high school or looking to change careers in Ontario? Instead of heading straight to university, you might want to consider an apprenticeship in Ontario. The construction sector is experiencing huge demand based on a severe skilled labour shortage brought about by mass retirements and lower apprenticeship enrollment. University graduates and their earning potential have traditionally been viewed as having greater opportunities than skilled trade workers. However, the economy has shifted and in many cases that perception has flipped.

Reasons to Choose an Apprenticeship in Ontario

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why getting an apprenticeship in Ontario may be preferable to getting a degree:

Earn While You Learn

One of the biggest benefits of an apprenticeship in Ontario is that you get to earn money while you are learning on the job. If you prefer learning through action, an apprenticeship in the trades is very practical. While our university friends may need to take up part-time jobs while studying, you will already be earning money and, although it may not be much during your apprenticeship years, it’s still better than having to juggle work and study.

Low to No Debt

University education in Canada can be expensive, with graduates often coming out with significant debt. On the other hand, apprenticeship fees in Ontario are way less and may even be eligible for subsidies.

You’re Already In

Another great benefit of an apprenticeship in Ontario is that you are already in the workforce, learning the ropes and networking with industry contacts. When you finish, you’re more likely to continue working with your employer while your university peers may spend years finding work in their field.

Work Anywhere with an Apprenticeship in Ontario

With your trade qualification in Ontario, you have the potential to transfer easily to another trade role or even pursue further studies in university if you wanted to learn further. For example, an electrical apprentice graduate in Ontario may earn credits that would help them gain access into electrical engineering at university, if they want to. Also, with specialized skills, you can take your know-how to other provinces or even apply them internationally.

Better Opportunities and More Security

With labour shortages in the construction sector and high demand for skilled trades, you have an opportunity to get more reliable employment and earn more money. With an apprenticeship in Ontario, you have the potential to earn just as much, or even more money than your university friends. With specialized training, you will also have more job security than many university grads who may be competing as generalists with thousands of other applicants for limited jobs. Skilled trades workers also have strong earning potential will increase with experience. You can even leverage your contacts to become an entrepreneur and start your own business.

Pursuing a Career with FTI Ontario

If you’re interested in starting an apprenticeship in Ontario, The Finishing Trades Institute of Ontario offers first class apprenticeship training that will help you launch your career. You’ll learn skills that will give you a leg up over recent university grads. You’ll earn a living wage, and you’ll save money on tuition fees while gaining access to benefits. You’ll also get a nationally recognized certification.

FTI is the only Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development authorized Training Delivery Agent for the in-school education of the apprenticeship program for Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (Glazier) 424A, Painter Decorator Commercial & Residential 404C, and Painter Decorator Industrial 404D trades.