Did you know that apprentices in the finishing trades are in high demand? Not to mention the competitive wages and benefits!

An apprentice in training at the Finishing Trades Institute of Ontario (FTI Ontario) gets the best of both worlds: hands-on learning on the job from other experienced workers and in-classroom education from union training centre instructors.

An apprenticeship in Ontario takes about two to five years to complete, with pay. And for most trades, this includes a year of work and eight to 12 weeks of studying in class, either full or part-time.

The Right Apprenticeship in Ontario for You

While there are hundreds of trades to choose from, the most common ones include sectors like construction, industrial, motive power, and services.

FTI Ontario offers apprenticeships for the following specialty trades:

Preparing for an Apprenticeship in Ontario

If you’re interested in working in a trade but don’t have the skills or experience to be an apprentice, you can apply for free pre-apprenticeship training. Find out if the trade you’re interested in is eligible here.

If your trade is eligible, you can get training through different organizations, such as colleges or community agencies, across Ontario.

This training is free, including the cost of textbooks, safety equipment, and tools, and goes for up to 52 weeks, starting at varying times throughout the year.

Anyone in the following categories is eligible to apply for pre-apprenticeship training:

  • high school graduates
  • didn’t finish high school
  • unemployed or underemployed
  • Indigenous, newcomers to Canada, women, Francophone, or youth-at-risk

To sign up for free pre-apprenticeship training, simply apply with an organization offering it near you. For help finding and applying to an organization, contact Employment Ontario.

Are you Eligible for an Apprenticeship in Ontario?

To qualify for an apprenticeship in Ontario, you must:

  • be at least 16 years of age
  • have legal permission to work in Canada
  • meet the educational requirements for your chosen trade
  • have a sponsor in Ontario

The next step is to find an employer or sponsor who will provide you with apprenticeship training.

FTI Ontario is the only Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development authorized Training Delivery Agent for the in-school education of apprenticeship programs for Glaziers, Commercial Painters and Decorators, and Industrial Painters.

These apprenticeships are offered to the general public and members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades’ (IUPAT) Ontario Council, which represents a variety of skilled trades including paintersdrywall finishersglaziers/glass and metal techniciansEIFS/stucco workers, and hazmat workers.

Time to Begin Your Apprenticeship in Ontario!

You can apply for FTI Ontario’s apprenticeship programs by contacting us directly. Start your rewarding new journey as an apprentice with FTI Ontario today!