Training Equivalency Assessment applications (TEAs)



 Training Equivalency Assessments (TEAs) are used by the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) to assess whether an applicant has completed enough work hours and training to be granted equivalency for apprenticeship schooling and become eligible to challenge the Certificate of Qualification Exam (C of Q) for Journeyperson status.  This is an application, and the burden is on the applicant to prove to the OCOT that they have gained all the knowledge and skills through work experience and training that they would have otherwise learned in the curriculum if they had attended in-school block training as an apprentice.  In the 3rd Quarter of 2016, OCOT recieved 1183 TEAs, and only 189 TEAs were approved (Registrar’s Report for Third Quarter of 2016, page 8).  This means that in the 3rd Quarter of 2016, only 15% of TEAs were approved.  Applicants must ensure to be as thorough and detailed as possible, demonstrating exactly how they have completed each of the Competencies listed in the “Competency Analysis Profile” in the Training Standard. 

How-To Maximize your chance of success on your TEA application:

1. Find the list of required competencies (Competency Analysis Profile) from your trade’s Training Standard above.  For Industrial Painters,  use the list of competencies summarized from the Training Standard;

2. Review your job history, including everywhere that you worked in your trade.  Determine the start dates and end dates for each employer;

3. Match the competencies required for your trade to your job history.  For each employer that you worked for, list ALL of the applicable competencies as your duties and responsibilities for that employer.  For example, when you worked at employer X as a painter, you may have done many different things within your trade.  Select the competencies from the list that best match your duties for employer X.  Make a list for each employer, and be sure to include all the competencies that you used at that employer;

4. Carefully read the application process and all the required forms;

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