The Finishing Trades Institute of Ontario (FTI Ontario) is the designated training provider for the apprenticeship program in the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (Glazier) 424A, which is granted by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

What is an Architectural Glass and Metal Technician?

An Architectural Glass and Metal Technician is responsible for a wide range of tasks related to glass and glass substitutes, from handling and measuring to cutting, preparing, fitting, installing, and repairing.

They work in commercial, residential, and transportation settings and are responsible for fabricating and installing curtain wall framing, aluminium storefront frames and entrances, doors and hardware, structural silicone glazing, skylights, and sloped glazing.

They also lay out, measure, prepare, fabricate, and install architectural glass and metal components, as well as air and vapour barriers in systems such as entranceways, windows, skylights, and curtain walls. They work with a variety of materials, including plastics, granite, aluminum panels, and glass substitutes, as well as films or laminates that improve the durability or safety of the glass.

They use mobile equipment, scaffolds, and swing stages, sometimes at great heights, to maneuver glass panels that are lifted by cranes and other lifting equipment.

How Can You Become an Architectural Glass and Metal Technician?

The Glazier Pre-Apprenticeship program at FTI Ontario provides training for individuals to become Architectural Glass and Metal Technician 424A (glazier) and enter the construction industry.

This program includes hands-on and classroom training, as well as obtaining safety certifications needed for the trade. Participants will also be provided with tools and protective equipment.

Also included is a final 8-week paid job placement, allowing pre-apprentices to apply their skills and build connections with potential employers.

At the end of the job placement, some participants may be offered employment based on their performance in the program and the current needs of the industry.

Required Training for an Architectural Glass and Metal Technician

The Architectural Glass and Metal Technician apprenticeship training program includes both on-the-job and in-school training. On-the-job training is provided by a skilled worker, or trainer. In-school training includes three levels of theoretical training, which is comprised of but is not limited to instruction in:

  • trade tools and equipment
  • material handling and access equipment
  • glass cutting, shaping and installation
  • glazing systems
  • seals, gaskets and caulking
  • doors and entrances
  • prepare for onsite installation
  • fasteners
  • fabricate, assemble and install windows
  • curtain walls
  • glazing films

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